Share Fest- is a celebration designed to promote the power of sharing, as well as the fulfillment and gratitude that result from the adoption of the gift economy – a true embodiment of the natural world and how it operates. Imagine an atmosphere of appreciation that spurs wonderful thoughts and feelings into action!


Each Share Fest is a co-creation, so let’s demonstrate how we would like our community to look, act and feel!  We encourage you to reach out to us ahead of time if you would like to come share your gifts of (but not limited to): live music, performing arts, workshops, leading yoga, leading meditations, live art, etc.  We want to facilitate an opportunity for people to come together and share in order to make our lives richer and more fulfilling, build up our community, celebrate peace through culture, and to have some fun!  A major theme for Share Fest is to feel and spread appreciation and joy, the results are hard to predict.

Think of each Share Fest as a way to spread seeds for change… who knows what will grow from them, or who will tend or benefit from these metaphorical plants 🙂 Giving and receiving freely is of vital importance in a rich culture, and for evolution.  We want to give back to all those who have helped us, or our land in any way, and extend a gift to others who align with our view of a self-reflective world.  The collective appreciation felt by those present will effectively act as a world peace meditation, spreading pure joy. Time to make some abundance flow!
Bring your best smile, favorite recipe, and maybe a little homemade gift or two for someone you meet.

Share Fest is…
•       All about sharing and having fun
•       An introduction to the gift economy
•       An evolutionary process to hone what we collectively want in our life experience
•       A chance to share what you love most with the intent of spreading joy
•       Applicable to any celebration; music festival, block party, etc.

What makes Share Fest a share fest?
•       Minimal money exchanged; we aim to make these celebrations free.  Your help, or a small suggested donation is appreciated.
•       Pack it in pack it out – anything left behind will be assumed a gift to the farm
•       Scheduled sharing with open sign-up sheets for workshops, music, art, or anything you would like to present to an interested group
•       What you bring to express yourself; attitude, food, art, dance, laughter, skill sharing, costume, etc.
•       Potluck dinners, trade circles, jams, networking, etc.
•       Cooperative effort; preparing takes a lot of time out of our normal farm schedule, so please do what you can to help the farm transition smoothly, and help clean up afterwards, if possible.

Side effects from Share Fest may include…
•       Ongoing relationships between all people involved, bolstering our community and culture
•       A personal sense of interconnectedness with the community and nature, and one’s purpose within it
•       Self-reliance, fun, interdependence, and collective unification
•       Free sharing of natural abundance; you give away what you have too much of so it can be useful
•       Good ideas coming into action

*Parking on the farm is limited – we encourage carpooling and spreading the news about Share Fest through word of mouth only!  Please reach out to us ahead of time if you have any questions or suggestions.  If you have been to the farm before, or know anyone who stays there, you are most welcome and invited.  It can be hard to track everyone down and invite them, so invite friends that you think will add to the co-creation, and uphold the spirit of Share Fest.

Some things to keep in mind, seeing how we are inviting you into our home;
We have limited clean water access out here, so please conserve water when washing, and bring your own drinking water.
Please take all trash home, as we have no trash pickup. .  Reduce waste by bringing gallon jugs of water and a refillable bottle.
Park your vehicle at the top of the hill near the gate, unless arrangements have been made.
Only start fires in a grill or designated bonfire area please.
Please be respectful of the wildlife, both plants and animals.
Respect our privacy; we will be leading farm tours during celebrations, if people are interested.

Spring Planting Share Fest

Take this chance to get your hands in the dirt, and take home some seeds or plants from the farm on the weekend of May 13th and 14th.  Planting begins just after noon both days.  We are transplanting our indoor starts to the gardens, planting seeds outdoors, and working on a light construction project for those who don’t have a green thumb. The planting begins just after noon on Saturday, but come out and camp Friday night if you would like.   Come out to camp and bring a snack or dish to share for the potluck dinner on Saturday.  We are providing all other meals, but contributions are welcome.  You can expect us to be planting for up to four hours each day, while also cooking, and building.  We will have a bonfire Saturday night, which will likely include a fireside jam or two.  Bring your instruments, gloves, hand trowel (not required), seeds, portable music players (for tunes in the gardens), or anything else you would like to share, and camp out for the weekend!
Let’s sow some seeds together!

Interdependence Day

We will be celebrating Independence Day from Friday, June 30th – Sunday, July 2nd this year.  This is our longest running celebration, and involves camping, workshops, and live music in the evenings.  This is a time to celebrate our interconnectedness to each other, and the possibilities these connections hold.  This event is family friendly, but it is encouraged to take kids home before it gets late.  Parking is a limiting factor, so please carpool so more people can attend.  This is an event where it is particularly important that we collectively take home what trash we brought to the farm, so please take a bag of garbage home with you so we can continue to hold these amazing events.  Bring your costumes, favorite foods/recipes, homemade treats, best smile, Frisbee, and best vibes!  Perhaps bring a little something (homemade gift, hug, picture, art, etc) for a band or someone who you have appreciation for, as a way to keep the gift wheel spinning.  Potluck dinner will be served Saturday and Sunday, please bring a dish to share.

7:30-8:40    Randy and Ally
9:00-10:15   Mountain Swallower
10:45-12:00  Dirty Loew
12:10-1:20   The Mand
1:30-???     Wheel House


7:30-8:30    Daniel
8:45-9:15    Milky Way
9:45-11:15   Jenny Lynn Stacy and the Dirty Roosters
11:45-1:15   3rd Street Villians
1:30-???     Brambleberry Jam

We will have an open schedule signup sheet on site for anyone who would
like to use the stage as a space to play, speak, lead, teach, or share
anything with those present.  Reach out to Ethan if you would like to
reserve a time slot before Share Fest kicks off.

A Share Fest w/Cycles

Join us in the name of fresh food, camping and good music from August 25th- 26th as we celebrate the abundant fresh harvest the heartland has long been known for.  Cycles, an amazing band from Denver, will be playing Friday from 9pm- midnight. There is a $5 suggested donation for this Share Fest, seeing how we do have some inherent expenses to cover, and are trying to build a sustainable model that can grow.  There will also be fire spinning by QC Soul Friday evening.  Camping is encouraged.  Main themes this Share Fest include; the gift economy, self resilience and interconnectedness, and homesteading/transitional living skills.  Free your schedule for a healing weekend of good vibes, learning, amazing food, and live music before summer is up!  Think of this one as an educational music festival of sorts; bring intentions and ideas to improve our lives collectively, and improve our interconnectedness as a healthy organism/community.  Bring anything you would like to share, as usual.
Let’s bask in the glory of summer before it comes to a close once again!

Fall Harvest Share Fest

Come join us for the weekend of September 22nd-24th to harvest dry beans, and some fresh produce.   Harvest activities will begin around noon on Saturday; expect five hours of available time for learning and helping.  We (should) have the following ripe and available to take home as a thank you; tomatoes, onion, garlic, sweet corn, watermelon, canteloupe, cucumbers, beets, carrots, cabbage, dry beans, apples, and a mix of culinary herbs.  A kickball game is likely to break out before lunch, or after dinner.  A potluck dinner on Saturday will be followed by a bonfire and some live music(TBD). There will be time to harvest Sunday afternoon as well, if there is any interest.  We are providing breakfast and lunch Saturday and Sunday, as well as harvest based treats.  Come out ready to camp or make a day trip of it.
. .

Strawberry Share Fest

Join us on the farm Saturday, June 10th for a strawberry harvest celebration!   We will be picking and eating strawberries, having a blanket and basket style picnic in an open field, and making pies and other strawberry based treats.  We hope to spread the joy that a truly ripe strawberry can bring to the senses.  Please bring friends, family, and some tasty picnic friendly food to share.   Expect to be able to pick a bowl or two of strawberries and some rhubarb, help bake in our brick oven, and camp out for the night.  There may be some live music in the evening, but acoustic jams around the campfire are inevitable.

Day Out of Time Share Fest

The day out of time is no day of the week or year at all, but a day set aside to spread peace through culture, practice universal forgiveness, and to celebrate our galactic heritage, and creative unification.  It is up to us to co-create the world we would like to see.  Join us from July 22nd – 26th for an intentional gathering of minds, as we remember we are part of something much larger than this earth.  The day out of time is the end of the 13 Moon/28-day calendar and lands on the 25th of July, meaning that the 24th is like New Year’s Eve, and the 26th is like New Year’s Day.  Expect good food, connecting, healing, and the 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity to be the main themes for this gathering.  Scheduled activities will include group meditations, games, workshops, live music, and more to come.
The Earth and myself are one mind.  I am one with the Earth.

Apple Cider Days Share Fest

If you love apple cider, apple pie, apple sauce, or just apples in general, then you don’t want to miss this one.  This is our third annual apple pressing on the farm, and will be held October 6th-8th.  Bring gloves and a jug to take cider home with you, and bring anything you would like to share, as usual.  The pressing procedure includes washing the apples, crushing them, as well as pressing, drinking, and boiling cider.  The bees like cider as much as we do, so if you are allergic, you may want to come out another time.  We can use your help with the pressing process, making applesauce, and preparing food.Join us the weekend of October 6th-8th for some root digging, bean shelling, and apple pressing.  This is also when we fill our root cellar with apples, potatoes, beets, and more.  You can expect to have the chance to help with harvest, cook for the group, and press apples.  Bring some gloves, warm clothes, snacks, and anything else you would like to share.  We are serving harvest themed meals throughout the weekend, but any dish you would like to bring is welcome too!   If it’s not too cold there may be outdoor live music, otherwise a jam in the earth home is in the cards. This is our last chance to dance with the apples and roots before they are put to sleep in the cellar, and share what has ripened over summer.  There is a good chance you will be taking home some plants, seeds, food, or a combination of all three. . Memories too, they last a lifetime and are FREE!!!
Time to harvest our seeds for change