Interdependence Share Fest

Share Fest
Is a celebration designed to promote the power of sharing, as well as the fulfillment and gratitude that result from the adoption of the gift economy – a true embodiment of the natural world and how it operates. Imagine an atmosphere of appreciation that spurs wonderful thoughts and feelings into action!
Each Share Fest is a co-creation, so let’s demonstrate how we would like our community to look, act and feel!  We encourage you to reach out to us ahead of time if you would like to come share your gifts of (but not limited to): live music, performing arts, workshops, leading yoga, leading meditations, live art, etc.  We want to facilitate an opportunity for people to come together and share in order to make our lives richer and more fulfilling, build up our community, celebrate peace through culture, and to have some fun!  A major theme for Share Fest is to feel and spread feelings of appreciation and joy. The results are self-evident.
Think of each Share Fest as a way to spread seeds for change… who knows what will grow from them, or who will tend or benefit from these metaphorical plants. Giving and receiving freely is of vital importance in a rich culture and for evolution.  The collective appreciation felt by those present will effectively act as a world peace meditation, spreading pure joy. Share-fest is a time to let abundance flow! Bring your favorite recipe, a homemade gift, or maybe your great smile and some hand slaps.
Share Fest is…
•       All about sharing and having fun
•       An introduction to the gift economy
•       A chance to share what you love most with the intent of
spreading joy
•       Applicable to any celebration; music festival, block party,
birthday party, etc.
•       An opportunity to immerse yourself in the feeling of gratitude
that inspires and nurtures authentic freedom.
What makes Share Fest a share-fest?
•      Minimal money exchanged. We intend to make these events as free
and easy as possible w/o losing money, all with the intention of
cultivating a network or sharing, opposed to consuming.
•       Pack it in pack it out – anything left behind will be assumed a
gift to the farm.
•       Scheduled sharing with open sign-up sheets for workshops, music,
art, or anything you would like to present to an interested group.
•       What you bring to express yourself; food, art, skills,
costumes, dance, etc.
•       Potlucks, trade circles, jams, networking, etc.
Parking – This year at Interdependence Share-fest you will have the option of Car or Primitive camping. We will share with each car, a 25×25 sq. ft space to park and set up tents, or you can choose to camp in our tent only camp areas.  If you are car camping we need you to keep your car parked until you are packed to leave. Camping spots will be shared first come first serve in designated camping areas. RV’s and campers are welcome (no electric, sewer or water hookup).  We are giving prizes at the door for all vehicles with three or more people to encourage carpooling.
Some things to keep in mind, seeing how we are inviting you into our
home –
•       We have limited clean water access out here, so please conserve
water when washing, and bring your own drinking water.
•       Reduce waste by bringing gallon jugs of water and a refillable
•       Hidden Grove is not only well hidden, it’s HILLY. Feel free to
bring along your mountain bikes, wagons, and carts to help move yourself
and gear to and fro.
•       Only start fires in a grill or designated bonfire area, please.
•       Please be respectful of the wildlife, both plants, and animals.
•       Make sure ALL trash makes it into a proper rubbish bin.
•       Kids 13 and under are free. Anyone younger than 18 must have a
guardian present.
•       Respect our privacy. This is a HOMEstead. If you are interested
in seeing our personal live/work spaces, there may be a guided tour of
the farm, if time permits and their is interest.

This is an all ages family-oriented community building event. We want you all to responsibly enjoy your freedom, by all means. However, let’s always avoid the use of any substance in daylight hours around the presence of young ones. We want to show kids that we can all celebrate our freedom with dignity and responsibility and without compromising our own or others wellbeing. Be discrete when using any substances including alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, or even junk food and sugar.  Just be mindful of your surroundings, be a good example and all will be right with our world of sharing. More leeway will be made for people getting taken with the spirit of freedom that surrounds them after 9 or 10 pm when the kids are put to bed.
Some Things to remember…

Only 500 passes available.
BYOB, also BYOF(ood)
All Sharing, Trading, Selling, or Vending of homemade/handmade goods is free.
Pancake Breakfast will be served from 10 to 11:30 Saturday Morning for a $5 donation(possibly Sunday as well).
Personal camp stoves and charcoal grills are permitted.
Volunteer opportunities may still be available.
Only cars parked in the non-car camping lot will be allowed to come and
go during the event.
Simply, Do No Harm.
Event Entry
Tickets are available locally at; Moline Co-Op Records, Great River Brewery in Davenport, and Fat Fish Pub in Galesburg.  Cash only, $40. Pre-sale passes are available now online for a $45 dollar donation. (Link @ bottom)
Must have proof of donation at entry gate to receive your passes
Price at the gate is $50 on Friday, $40 Saturday
Parking is free, but limited.  Carpooling is rewarded
Location:  41.165458,-90.494243
Gates Open: 10 AM — 10 PM


Early Bird Pre-Sale only $45 dollar donation >>>

Setting the Intention

The Idea is simple. We at Hidden Grove homestead are planning to host an event that invites us to ask ourselves as individuals and as a community, “What Liberates You/Us?” We want you to chew on that until June 29th. Then pack up whatever you think you’ll need to share that feeling into your car with some supplies and a tent, for a weekend of camping, great music, and sharing; nestled between the permaculture gardens and future food forests of Hidden Grove Homestead. Think of it as an experiment in free will, guided with the intention of revealing your unique style of freedom to your community. Everyone expresses their freedom differently, and that expression defines you as a unique, one of a kind individual!

We are proud to be stepping up everything this year including sound, lights, staff, sharing and food.  There will be a BBQ vendor, and Moma Bosso’s pizza available in the evenings.

This year we are organizing workshops, classes, and speeches all revolving around the many perspectives people on and off the farm have about freedom. It’s a wide and varied subject and everyone’s input is certainly welcomed.  Please email us if you have something to share on a particular subject, that you would like us to make time or space for.

A limited number of passes will be available through a work trade, and volunteering during the event. Anyone interested in earning their entry to the celebration and picking up some gardening or permaculture skills while they are at it can contact us expressing such interest.

We can’t express enough how lucky we feel to be in a position to share with you. We are eagerly awaiting and patiently planning an intentional fun and enlightening experience and we know you will only add to it. Let’s co create the reality we know we all deserve. Until then, Stay Well. -HGH


Early Bird Pre-Sale only $45 dollar donation >>>