Some projects have become a yearly ritual, while others only need done once to be enjoyed for years to come.  Here is a list of most of our projects.

Finished Projects

Outdoor kitchen
Root cellar
Brick oven
Composting outhouse
Over an acre of annual gardens established
Micro cabin
 Solar water heater
Solar electricity
Outdoor shower
Salvaged two large local barns
Solar dehydrator
Large siphon from pond
Food forest establishment 
Outdoor cooking rocket stove

Yearly Rituals

No-till mulched gardens
Making medicinal tinctures
Annual gardening
Perennial gardening
Planting and maintaining food forest 
Removing invasive plant species
Foraging wild edibles
Food preservation and storage
Picking loads of apples for preservation
Pressing cider
Making soap
Chopping wood
Harvesting dead wood for the winter
Salvaging/upcycling materials
Fixing equipment
Cooking from scratch
And let us not forget, planning projects is a project in and of itself.

Projects open/under development

Vine kiwi
Fruit and nut trees
Edible mushrooms
Perennial herbs, both medicinal and culinary
Organizing operations
Gift economy
Natural building
Establishing new celebrations
Establishing a bee colony
Fermented foods and beverages
Building infrastructure
Establishing laying hens
Building an earth sheltered greenhouse
Slow sand filter
Sustainable income
Seed saving

Future Projects

Pond Restoration
Solar oven
Planting apple orchard
Perennial herb production, medicinal and culinary
Essential oil production
Native wildflower and prairie grass establishment
Edible and medicinal plant nursery
Wild crafting
Three season tree house’s
Zip line
Rope bridge
Winter food production
Spiritual/Relaxation retreat
Natural dye’s
Tractor- ski lift
Ultralight aircraft

 We cultivate the earth primarily for our own food intake, and to share it with helpers and family. Nearly all of what we do can be categorized as homesteading. Here are some examples of what we know as homesteading… So far:


mulch, woodchips, cardboard, grass clippings, leaves, old hay

compost/food scraps

garden tools


buckets and barrels

mason jars and lids

Plants and seeds hardy to zone 5



sand, gravel, concrete

building materials

Sun Oven